Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Very Own Laundromat

I had a MUCH NEEDED laid back evening yesterday. My dad planned a "guys night out" with Alex, Robert and Travis. He's been wanting to do that for a while now, in hopes of getting to know the guys better (without the girls getting in the way). It sounds like they had fun. Perhaps too much fun. They went bowling and got pizza and beer for dinner. My dad loves darts, so he brought his along and they played a game of Cricket after bowling. They didn't get home until midnight!! I know Travis has got to be exhausted. I feel like we have been running a marathon for over a month now. I love my family, but I know we'll both be glad to have a few nights to ourselves after they leave.

I, on the other hand, had a very calm evening. They boys left almost immediately for the bowling alley, so I heated up a frozen pizza and turned on the DVR. I caught up on a few shows and then took a break from sitting to do a little cleaning. I haven't had any time to keep up with housework with family in town. I always feel better sitting on my arse knowing that I've done something productive for the evening. Plus, I like being able to walk through the house barefoot without forming a carpet of pet hair on the soles of my feet.

Somehow, Travis managed to find the energy to get up this morning and hook up our new dryer. Yup, that's right folks. We had our new washer and dryer delivered yesterday! All I have to say is hooray for 12-months-no-interest! Thankfully my dad is in town so I didn't have to take the morning off to accept the delivery. Everything went smoothly, except for the plug on the dryer. We had to pay a separate fee to get the plug. I don't understand why that's not included in your purchase, seeing as when you buy a lamp or a blender or a clock or a fridge, etc you don't have to go purchase a plug too. So stupid. Anyhoo, turns out they gave us a plug that doesn't even go with our outlet! I cashed in on marrying an electrician because Travis was able to switch the plug (whip) from the old dryer to the new dryer. It was so disappointing to come home last night to brand new, shiny appliances and not even be able to use them. We got lucky too because usually people have the old appliances carried off, but we kept ours because Ariel wants them. If our whip doesn't fit her outlet, Travis said he'll trade it in at Home Depot. They owe us.

This morning I got to do the first load in the new washer and dryer. =) I usually bring Callaway outside with me when I go out to the garage to do laundry. Today was no exception. Freaking hilarious - Callaway is AFRAID of the new washer! They are both front loading and have a glass door so you can see the clothes spinning round and round. Just like at the laundromat! (Thank god those days are over.) Well, it made Callaway nervous so he hid behind me. I stepped aside and he moved behind me again! I laughed at him, called him a weenie and let him go outside. That dog...

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