Monday, April 14, 2008

An Afternoon with Blair

Everything finally worked out this Sunday and I was able to take photos of Blair during my visit! I momentarily freaked out Sunday morning when I realized I had managed to max out my memory card. Problem being that we don't have a computer on which to transfer it all to a disc. Travis came to the rescue and reminded me that he had an memory card from his old cell phone that would fit my camera! Hooray!

I really love the drive to Chris and Alexa's. There are a couple routes you can take, but there is a long and windy road with lots of vegetation and beautiful homes. I chose to take that way on Sunday and fully enjoy my sunroof. This is probably one of the first "joy rides" I've been able to take in the new truck. I was nice and relaxed once I reached their house just in time to take over the baby watch for a couple minutes while Alexa changed. Chris is out of town for five days on a flight and Alexa was ready for some adult time. We went for lunch at a restaurant called BJ's Brewhouse.

Here is Alexa multi-tasking - on the phone with Daddy and feeding Blair.
Alexa calls this pacifier his "button".

After lunch we went window shopping at a few stores: Rooms-To-Go (Alexa's thinking about buying a new couch soon), World Market (has awesome everything) and Old Navy (swimsuit season is upon us!). Alexa was carrying Blair around in his car seat the whole time, so we were ready to head back to her place. We watched a little TV, then went for a walk around her neighborhood. That walk made me feel a little better about all the pizza and ice cream I ate that day. Yikes. Here are a few more pics I took while at her house. We gave Alexa a little time to do the dishes.

Mini-Chris looks even smaller in a newborn hat

Karate Baby

We saw his Angelina Jolie lips in the 4D scan before he was even born!
Smiling at Mommy

His little jumper was so cute! We were laughing at the pocket on the front. Why do babies need pockets?

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Alexa said...

I love those photos of him! He loved visiting with Miss Nikki :). Thanks again, we hope to do it again sometime!