Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Karate Chop

I got caught up in life and never told you about my visit to the massage therapist a couple weeks ago! My chiropractor had recommended seeing the therapist first, then getting my adjustment. I felt like saying 'duh' when he told me this. But then he said some people prefer doing it in the reverse order. I couldn't understand why. It seems logical to have the therapist loosen up your muscles so that your adjustment is easier and more efficient. But after I got into that dark room with the calming tropical music I never wanted to leave; let alone, have some guy throw my neck and back around a room.

The massage was not painful, like I thought it would be. At least for the most part. She was a small chica, but her elbows found a few knots in my shoulders and worked them out adeptly. I was seriously worried that I would fall asleep and not be able to walk myself out of the room and into the adjustment room. It turns out they have a secret weapon. Have you ever seen, maybe in the movies, when someone gets a massage and the masseuse does that karate chop action on their back? That never seemed like something I would want done to me. Thankfully, my therapist used that on me, I think to wake me up. GREAT IDEA. It woke me up calmly, which is lucky because then I didn't want to rip anyone's head off for waking me up before I was ready. Now I understand why there are some people who prefer getting the adjustment, THEN seeing the massage therapist.

I'm going to start trying to go two weeks between my adjustments. I look forward to the next visit when I'll see that massage therapist again!

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