Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mysterious Dark Spot

A strange thing happened this past Sunday. Sara and Jr were sitting in their yard playing with Logan when their backyard neighbors came out to pick the fruit from their trees. I think Sara said they called it some sort of a plum tree.

While her neighbors were under the tree getting ready to pick the fruit, they noticed something really scary - especially considering that Sara had just had a yard full of children for Logan's birthday party the day before. See the dark spot on the bark of the trunk? Here's a close up:

BEES!! They called for a bee keeper and he came out the next day. Instead of killing them, he picked them all off. Probably so he could start his own hive. No word on why they were all grouped like this, with none of them flying around. I still need to check with Sara about that. Either way, it was weird. Thankfully, no one was stung!


Rachel said...

Bee Keeper?!? I totally would have called a bee KILLER! Where did he take them...I've always wanted a million little stinging pets strange

Alexa said...

bees are wonderful for the environment, so glad they were saved and no one got stung