Friday, April 18, 2008

Site Meter

Oo oo! Guess what I found. Site Meter! There is a button in the left margin just below my About Me section. You can click on it to go to a website that shows who has been viewing my page. Pretty crazy, huh? I found it on another blog and it was really easy to figure out. I only used the free version, but it tells me everything I want to know. I can see how many people have looked at my blog, where they are at and when they visited. I don't plan to flip out if I find that someone in Arkansas is stalking my blog, when I don't know anyone in Arkansas. The way I figure, I have my blog open to the World Wide Web without password protection so I expect a random blog straggler to stop by occasionally. I just think it will be interesting to see how many people visit my blog and from where. How cool would it be if some guy in India or woman in South America reads my blog? The Internet is an amazing thing.

I have already found some interesting. I just started this yesterday, so I was surprised to see a visit from someone in Canada. I went to the referring URL and it turns out that they Googled "nikkis nutshell"!!! I couldn't believe that someone would Google my exact blog name. But after looking through the list of other results, I found that there is another person out there with the name Nikki and her blog is called "In the Nutshell". Woh. What are the chances? This Site Meter is taking the internet to a whole new level! Scares me a little to think that someone could find out where I've been on the web... ;)


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I like to call it a Reverse Stalker. =) See? I'm stalking those who stalk me.