Monday, April 21, 2008

Crawfish Boil Numero Tres

Every time we have great weekend weather like this past one, I have trouble picturing us ever moving away. During the middle of the summer when the heat beats down on you so hard you can barely breathe, I can remember a reason or two to leave. But still, this weather is awesome. Travis' softball team put together a crawfish boil at the local boat club. The water was pretty calm, so the boys took out one of their boats a few times to try out the four new wake boards. (Sheesh.) We got up there around 2 in the afternoon. I soon realized that Ariel only lives a few blocks away so I gave her a call and she showed up half an hour later. One of the guys brought a yard game, reminiscent of horseshoes or bags, but it's with golf balls and a "ladder". It was a fun game that I could actually play. I'm just not very athletic, so it's not often that I get to compete with my friends. Here's Ariel and I giving it a stab. I look confused for some reason.

I got a little artsy on the computer with this next one...

If you look in the upper lefthand corner of this photo, you can see JR's toss (he was yellow) next to Sara's head.

This is a rare photo: Ariel holding a baby. Logan was trying to escape, but Ariel came to the rescue.

Dinner is served! All the guys hogged the crawfish. Ariel and I had to wait for the second bag to finish boiling to get any!

One of the guys brought his pitbull puppy. He was soooo cute! Couldn't resist the baby-puppy photo op:

Full and ready to go home...


Alexa said...

I love that photo of you guys at the end!

Nikki said...

Me too - we're sort of bleached out so you can't actually see any of our "faults". =D