Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun with David and Stephanie


David and Stephanie drove back home yesterday. =( We had a good last weekend with them though. Friday after work, we headed into Houston to go to IKEA. It is very easy to get lost in there, but the "traffic" wasn't that bad. Maybe because it was a week day there weren't nearly as many people as there have been when I've gone in the past. If you haven't been there before, I highly recommend it. I was a little disappointed this trip though. Travis and I were looking for curtains and they only had one package left of the one we liked. We oped to buy a palm for our new green bedroom. I am very satisfied with this purchase.


We went to the Houston Zoo on Saturday. The weather was perfect and I'm glad we postponed it last weekend. This was Wednesday's first visit to the zoo. I don't think she will remember it, but she really enjoyed the aquarium. Wednesday wore a super cute dress that Shannon got for her. Here's the photo I took while David and Stephanie were putting on her sunscreen.
Here are some more candids from the trip.

Got all your ducks in a row?

That night after the zoo we had a couple friends over. It sort of turned from a get-together to party, but it was great! After a few glasses of wine, Stephanie finally got the guts to give the singing a try on Rock Band. She was really good AND frickin hilarious.

Travis played the drums.

Oh, and Chris on the lead guitar.

Believe it or not, Wednesday slept through the WHOLE THING. Loud music and all. She almost seemed to fuss when we were inbetween songs.

Why am I so goofy?

I look forward to going home tonight and doing NOTHING. Poor Travis has a softball game, so he's not going to rest. I shouldn't say "poor" Travis. It is his choice to play, right?

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