Tuesday, April 22, 2008

PoBoys and the Magic Carpet

Ariel really surprises me sometimes. I feel like we go so long without seeing each other and then she will give me a call asking if we can meet for dinner. I do wonder if Robert is behind these invites, but I'm not complaining! The hard part about meeting for dinner is finding a time when we are all available. Ariel is a bartender and her busy time is the weekends, Travis and I have the normal 8 to 5 jobs, and Robert works at a restaurant so his schedule varies each week. We all agreed on Sunday evening, after I spent all day volunteering and then stopped into work for an hour. Phew. We decided to go to a local seafood place, that I think may only serve the fried form of seafood. Travis and I both had PoBoys, Ariel and Robert both got fried shrimp. I decided to try the combo of fish and shrimp. I'm always nervous about ordering fish at restaurants because if I don't like it, I'm out of a meal. (And being hypoglycemic makes that risky business!) I figured it would be safe with the combo, not to mention that Ariel and Robert had an abundance of shrimp leftover. Dinner was pleasant and relaxing. We sat out on the tropical-plant-covered-patio, complete with a water feature/gigantic bird bath... sans water.

After dinner we headed over to the miniature golf course. We don't have a Putt-Putt, but this place is MUCH better. It's called Magic Carpet Golf and it is magnificent. There are all these gigantic creatures placed throughout the course that are VERY FUN for taking photos with. =D Here's Ariel posing in the big, scary tree man:

Robert was attempting this shot from an awkward angle. Travis obviously thought it was hilarious:

I took a picture of us using the timer on the camera, but impromptus are always more fun:

And of course, Puff the Magic Dragon and his two minions.

The customer service was not so great this time. The woman running the putter hut was quick to take our money with no mention of closing time. But then she came after us (while we were attempting to hit our golf balls through the canon and into the castle) to tell us that they were closing and they were just waiting for us to finish, so could we "please hurry up". How rude is that? She should have said something when we bought our entry. Ariel and Robert were super irritated because they both work in the people-pleasing business of customer service. Both agreed that if they said anything like that at closing, they'd get a warning and possibly let go. My guess is this lady is the owner. Every other visit to the Magic Carpet has been magical and this visit was too. Up until hole 15 anyways.

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