Friday, April 4, 2008

Carrabba's in Houston

Last night we went into Houston with David and Stephanie to meet up with Miraj, an old high school buddy of David's. Since he lives in North Houston, we drove up there for dinner at an Italian grill called Carrabba's. I've never eaten there before (we have one closer to where we live too), but it was great! Probably because we had children, they sat us in the very back so we didn't have to deal with crazy waiters passing us to get to their tables all the time and drunk customers shoving past to the restroom. Our server was great except that he served us bottled water that it turns out we had to pay for. Not a huge deal, but rude nonetheless. There was lots of food and wine and, of course, good people.

Here's Wednesday's going-out outfit. Bwahahaha!

We waited a little while for our table since we had 10 people (including the two babies) in our group, so we got drinks from the bar. (Callaway got into my laundry last night and ate the belt tie for this skirt... bad dog!)

Look at how tiny Wednesday looks next to Miraj! (And no, I'm not saying you look fat, Miraj.) His 7 month old son is probably off to the right growling at everyone. Freakin hilarious!

Waiting for the bill: David, Travis and Miraj.

I am so sad today because I didn't get to drive the new truck into work. =( Travis is bringing it to the dealership this morning to get it Nissan certified and detailed. They were unable to do that before we took it home because we bought it the same day it was traded in. Travis will have it back by the time I get off work this afternoon and it should be so fresh and so clean clean.

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