Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Saturday

Travis and I had a another great Saturday this past weekend. I was supposed to volunteer at Moody Gardens, but decided that I had too much to do around the house so I cancelled. I'm scheduled to volunteer this weekend anyhow, so I don't feel too bad about it. Because I skipped out on that, I was gung-ho on getting a bunch of stuff down around the house. I was out of bed by about 9 and proceeded to complete a few chores. Travis was giving me hell a couple weeks ago about the fact that all the photos around the house are from when we were in high school through my Junior year in college. Let's just say it's been awhile since I've changed those pics. I rarely print out photos anymore because I worry that my house is going to be overtaken by photo albums. So I sent a few to be printed through Walmart online and they mailed them directly to my house. Saturday I finally had time to go through and clean the frames and scrape off the old photos from the glass with an Exacto knife. I'm excited to have photos of all my friends up now and current photos of my family members. I think the last pics I put up of my brother he was 11 years old!

Travis was awesome and cleaned, inside and out, the Murano. (Funny thing happens when you Armorall leather seats - YOU SLIDE AT EVERY TURN AND STOP.) He thought he could get some sun by washing the car without his shirt on = his back is fried! I was a little worried because we were invited to go to a pool party up at our friends' (Jenna and Seth) neighbor's house. I figured Travis would just have to hang out with his shirt on for the afternoon. Turned out that we didn't even get in the water. There were so many kids there that we decided it would be best to stay on the pool side. We did have a great time eating hamburgers and eventually the crawfish was out and ready. We went back to Jenna and Seth's for a few hours afterward to play Guitar Hero and a dice game called LCR. I think we made it back home by about 11:30 or midnight. Ah man, I left the photos at home! I'll get back with you later on that...

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