Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bundle of Blair

Last night we FINALLY got to go see Blair! Travis and I still have a little leftover congestion, but we figured it would be okay. Alexa's parents left Monday, so we gave them one night to be alone with the baby before we barged in. Shannon and Chris went along too, so we carpooled in the Murano (our new baby, ha!). Alexa and Chris were having a stressful evening because they could not get the little bugger to fall asleep. In hopes of calming him, they took him for a ride to Wendy's and Target. We were just pulling into town, so we met Blair in a parking lot. Lol! Since they were having such a hard time getting him to settle down I decided not to attack the child with flash photography. That means I don't have any new photos to show you. =( We plan on going back up there on Sunday and hopefully he'll be good so I can take some pictures.

They both seem to be doing pretty well. Of course, Alexa is tired. And sadly, Chris has been going on flights frequently since Blair was born. He is a pilot for charter company and is one of the only people who can fly some of the planes. That means he is crucial for their company to function. Alexa is looking great and hoping to start running soon. She has begun walking (tisk tisk) in the anticipation of getting her stamina up quickly. Alexa is already talking about having another baby. Not in the near future, of course, but eventually. They have a busy life ahead of them!

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