Thursday, April 24, 2008

Global Food Shortage

You may have already heard that we are in the middle of a world food shortage. Because of this, Sam's is limiting the sale of bulk rice per person. Costco has made similar limits due to the increased demands for rice.

If you are feeling the strain, or just interested in supporting your local organic farmers, check out Urban Harvest online if you live in the Houston area, or Local Harvest online to find farms in your area. I haven't had a chance to get to any of these farmers markets due to the distance from my home, but I hope to check it out soon!

Personal crappy news ~ For the past several mornings, Bella has been peeing on the floor in the corner of our kitchen. I think its just dumb luck that its on the vinyl flooring and not our carpet. I went to the vet last night to pick up this special lab litter that does not absorb moisture, so hopefully we can catch her urine for a urinary tract infection (UTI) test. This morning, Travis caught Bella redhanded peeing IN Callaway's water dish. IN IT. If she doesn't have a UTI, then I'm thinking she's pi$$ed at the dog. I left the litter box (which was loaned to me by the vet) on the floor in the bathroom. Phage, our only male cat, decided he wanted to mark his territory and pee in the loaner box. Awesome. The house absolutely reeked this morning. I locked Bella in the bathroom with the lab litter in hopes of a lovely sample when I get home tonight. I was reminded of a certain story told by one of the boys in Stand By Me, but instead of people vomiting it was my cats peeing. I know. Graphic. (*Warning! Graphic Material* Stand By Me clip)

Personal great news ~ Travis' Journeyman's license is being mailed to us today!! Finally!


Alexa said...

OMG...clearly she thinks Callaway is the spawn of the devil and she is trying to poison Sorry, not that funny, but kind of funny.

Nikki said...

Rachel reminded me of this disgusting 80's vomit scene: