Thursday, April 24, 2008

Babies and Kittens

Wow. I am fatigued. I cannot figure out why because I didn't stay up late and I didn't do any strenuous activity yesterday. Eh. Anyhoo! Alexa came over for dinner last night. I made Greek salads with seasoned chicken - so delicious. It really hit the spot. So did the red pepper hummus and pita! LOL! I just need to move into the kitchen. Chris is out of town for several days again, so Alexa wanted to get out of the house and take Blair for a ride. I think he was really worn out from all the activity and new sights because he was in a trance by the time they left. I think he's gotten bigger since the last time I saw him - check him out.

Even Sagira came up to check out all the action.

Eh... still exhausted...

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