Wednesday, April 16, 2008

That Was Trippy, Man.

Sara came over last night and we watched the movie Across the Universe together. We figured we would watch it together since the chances were slim to none that we'd be able to get either of the guys to watch it with us. Neither of the words romantic nor musical appealed to them, apparently. I think that I liked it. I'm still deciding. If you haven't heard of it already, it is a romantic musical, with music solely from the Beatles. It took a moment for me to figure out which song it was since they had all been slightly redone.

The scenes that happen during the LSD era of the film are about as trippy as it gets. There were several moments when Sara and I looked at each other in confusion. There were a few cameos that I probably wouldn't have caught if Sara hadn't been there. Sara is a Beatles buff and has done her research on the film. =) Bono has a short part as an LSD-crazed guy on some hippie bus, as does Eddie Izzard (the father from The Riches) who plays the ring leader at a tripped out circus. You know what? I think I did like it. I don't know that I will purchase the DVD, but it was entertaining in it's own realm.

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