Thursday, August 28, 2008

AM List

4 Super annoying things that happened to me in the first sleepy moments this morning (in chronological order):
  1. The alarm on my cell phone went off, reminding me to call the vet clinic first thing (Callaway has a recurring rash that needs to be taken care of).
  2. Callaway rammed his toy bone into my shin when he decided it would be better to squeeze in the two inches between me and the bed instead of the three feet between me and the dresser.
  3. With my eyes half-closed to ward off the blaring light of the bathroom, I stepped on a small cockroach with my bare heel. (And proceeded to have heebie jeebie feet until I got my shoes on.)
  4. Fought off three mosquitoes at the bathroom sink that must have weaseled their way into our home on Callaway's back after his morning potty break.

Ugh. Is it Friday yet?

PS - We (everyone in the Gulf) are keeping their eyes on Gustav. Wouldn't want him making any surprise stops!


Alexa said...

Bwahahahahaha, your blog is turning into my favorite thing to read in the morning with your funny stories! Love it....

A cicadia flew into me like three times last night while mowing the lawn. It reminded me of the time you were leaving our house and one attacked you on the front porch!!! HAHAHAHA....LOL

Nikki said...

Damn bugs. They're all out to get us.