Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Olivine Bridesmaids

This past Friday, I went with Sara and two of her other bridesmaids to try on dresses. She has the choice narrowed down to one. She just wanted to see each of us in it to be sure. Brittany, JR's sister, and Dana, Sara's friend and maid of honor, each met us at David's Bridal in the evening. It was a day especially for bridesmaids. Not sure why they called it that, but whatever, it was fun. They offered hand and back massages and various samples from different caterers in the area. It was a nice appetizer to the dinner we had planned for afterward. I really like the dress and I think we found the perfect heels to match, in champagne-color.

We tried to find our dresses in the color Sara wanted
- Olivine -
Brittany got stuck with a black dress.

For dinner, we went to a nearby Mexican restaurant that I have been to frequently with Sara and Dana. They have pretty good food and awesome (and cheap) margaritas. The whole meal cost me $13! Although, Sara did pay for my margarita in return for driving. I guess her car has been ravaged by the rain from last week. She started a paper route and that gets delivered rain or shine. It was a nice evening, that didn't end too late. Good thing, cuz I got up bright and early the next morning to mow the lawn...

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