Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hooray for rain! It has rained at least once a day since Saturday and it looks like this should continue through the week. I think we can finally say we are out of our months-long drought! Travis and I both woke up in the middle from an enormous clap of thunder. I realized what happened once I heard the steady down pour of rain outside our windows. This morning I noticed there is standing water on the sidewalk that leads to my garage. Our grass has suddenly remembered how to grow. I just hope our Pampas grass follows suit. These little guys sure did:

I wanted to bring up another blog I read: Snickollet. I noticed I don't have it up in my list the other day. It's a little sad, since the blogger is a mother of twins whose husband died of cancer when the kids were only a few months old. Thankfully, her blog posts are generally not depressing. It's just amazing to see how she deals with it. If you are interested, check it out for yourself.

PS - I am very excited to say that I finally sat down and restitched the pile of clothes that have been sitting on my dresser for two months now. =) Personal accomplishment for me!

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