Sunday, August 17, 2008

Little Dog in the Big Sea

Another quiet weekend for Travis and I. Travis did a side job Saturday and I had to be into work early too, so we didn't stay up late on Friday. Saturday evening, we went to this bar and grill place for a friend's birthday. Travis used to work with this guy at his family's residential electrical company. They are all really great people and I actually miss them. I used to stop by the "shop" (the owner's garage) after work on Fridays to hang out with the guys. We would chill out and have a few beers before heading home. It was laid back and comfortable, like a family. We stayed at the restaurant until midnight, when the birthday boy headed to the bars. Neither of us were up for that, so we just went home to bed.

Sunday, we got up a little late. We decided to play it easy and go out to breakfast at IHOP. We haven't done that in forever! The Belgian waffle really hit the spot and I don't know what it is lately with me and coffee. I've started to want it more often than I used to. It used to be that I could only really drink iced coffee in the summertime, but lately I've even wanted hot coffee. I don't like the feeling of need. I don't want to get addicted to drinking coffee everyday. I recall being a little kid and always despising it when adults would get down on my level and talk to me with their coffee breath. Ew. Well, that IHOP coffee really hit the spot!

After breakfast, we stopped at the house for a change of clothes and to pick up Callaway before heading down to the beach. We haven't taken him in a long time, so we were excited to see his reaction to the water. He seemed okay with Logan's baby pool last weekend, so we figured he would do alright. It ended up that he really enjoyed the water, but the waves seemed to make him nervous. Every time a wave would come up, he would run away from it a little before jumping over it. It got even funnier when he got into deeper water.

There is a place nearby where we went that gives horse rides up and down the beach. I was a little nervous to see what Callaway would do when he saw the horses. He did bark at them, but the horses didn't even seem to notice him.

We threw the ball around in the water for Callaway. Travis kept throwing it deeper and deeper in the water to see how far we could get him to go. He always went all the way out to the ball, but sometimes he would lose sight of the white ball in the surf. We had to call him back a few times because the ball floated all the way back to us without him finding it.

We left a short time later. There were big, dark clouds heading our way and we were hoping to give Callaway a bath before the rain started. We wanted to grill out, but when the rain started immediately after giving the dog a bath we changed our plans to broiled kabobs. Callaway was exhausted and slept the rest of the evening away. He wouldn't even lift his head when we called his name. I love it when we are able to wear him out that much. Sometimes I feel like it is next to impossible.

It was a perfect summery day.

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