Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another Night of Pummeling

Wowzer. My arm is WORSE today. I had to use my right arm to lift my left arm up to the keyboard just now. It feels like whatever is in there has drained towards the back of my arm, leaving most of the swelling and pain on the side/back of my arm. Last night was horrible. I kept waking up because I was trying to roll over in my sleep but it would hurt too bad. Then I would attempt to roll over while I was awake and give up. I slept on my back ALL NIGHT. Now my neck is sore.

Actually, I don't know if my neck is sore from my sleep position last night, or from my visit to the chiropractor yesterday. I have been going for adjustments every two weeks for several months now. Every other visit I see a massage therapist beforehand. I thought that made sense - loosen me up before throwing me around the exam room. The problem with that is that I felt TOO comfortable when I went in to see the chiro. Every adjustment felt like horrible work. All I wanted to do was lay there. This time, I tried the reverse. I saw the chiropractor and then went for the massage. IT WAS AWESOME. I felt adjusted and right and then I got to lay there while someone pummeled my sore muscles. That probably doesn't sound awesome necessarily, but I really like deep massage. You know, the kind where it is on the verge of painful. I have so much muscle soreness on a regular basis around my neck and upper back. It's nice to have someone work that out for me. Travis has tried before and I hate to say it, but he's not that great at it.

Well, no idea what we are going to do today. I don't even want to lift my arms to wash my face. We'll see how this goes... Maybe we'll go to see a movie...

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