Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Death in Hollywood

What is up with celebrities lately? There have been two unexpected deaths and one insane murder attempt. You'd think they would be living the high life, right? First, you've got Bernie Mac, who died of complications related to pneumonia at age 50. He was great in Ocean's 11.

Then there's Isaac Hayes, the voice of Chef on South Park and southern soul singer, who died at age 65. Travis is really worried about what will happen to Chef now. Very empathetic, I know.

If you've ever seen the 40 Year Old Virgin, you might remember Steve Carrell's character's co-worker Haziz. He's the guy who is pissed off at the world and throws a fit when he wants to take his smoke break in the same place as Steve Carrell's character while he's having a heart to heart with his buddy. Well, that psycho allegedly stabbed his former girlfriend more than 20 times and is looking at attempted murder on his record. His girlfriend is in critical condition, but is still alive. WTF?


Joselyn said...

Hi Nikki, can you beleive I read your blog everyday at work? Well i do! BTW..you can tell Travis that chef was actually killed off the show in the 10th season because he quit! Hayes was a scientologist and did not like how the show made fun of the religion!

Nikki said...

Aw, he'll be glad to know! I guess he only watches re-runs, huh? Thanks for the blog-loyalty... =D