Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bed Time Routine: Deviated

Do you remember those times when you were a kid and it was time for bed when you had a friend staying the night, and you both got so giddy you couldn't stop giggling? It's like I was so excited that my schedule had somehow deviated from the norm and I was the only one who had noticed my parents' blunder. Well, Travis and I had one of those moments the other night, sans parents. We were sitting on the couch, having just finished watching the latest episode of Saving Grace, avoiding going to bed. I saw that it was 10:30 and told Travis that we should probably head to bed, otherwise we might regret it later.

He moaned and brought out his childish voice, "But I don't wanna!"

I agreed, "I don't want to either because then we have to get up and go to work!"

After a little more moaning and groaning we both lugged our lazy butts off the couch and into our pj's. Travis postponed the inevitable by playing tug of war with Callaway while I brushed my teeth. Then when it was his turn to clean his grill, I took a go with Callaway. This time shoving a pillow case over his head and seeing how long it took for him to get out of it. Turns out he's pretty quick. I'll have to think up some sort of added obstacle.

By the time Travis got to bed, Callaway was all riled up, ready to go. Travis blamed me for working up the dog before bedtime and I had to remind him he was the one that started it. We both jumped into bed, in giggle-mode. We started talking about passing gas when I accused Travis of being a wafter (pronouncing it waaafter).

Then I said "wafter?" (pronouncing it woffter) "Which is it?"

Travis laughs and says, "Waaafter?! Those are in the ceiling!" Referencing rafters, with a lisp.

We couldn't. stop. laughing. And then Callaway breaks us up by actually farting. Audibly. Instinctively, we each pulled the covers over our head, too accustomed to his deadly stench. After we calmed down, Travis was brave as he attempts, "You better go out there and see if the coast is clear."

"What?!" I say, "You go out there! I'm not going out there!"

This volley goes on, until I suddenly rip down the comforter, only to realize that I had only exposed myself. Travis was still hidden under the sheets! Coward.

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