Friday, August 29, 2008

Upgrayedd (with two D's for "a double-dose of pimping")

Gustav has been upgraded back to a hurricane. Just in time to go across the Gulf and build up more energy. Travis said he heard on the Weather Channel earlier that the storm may calm down a little just before landfall because a low pressure system will be working it's way south off the consecutive states around then. I hate to hope for someone else's pain, but I'm hoping this thing stays on the projected course - towards New Orleans. The idea of evacuating again just kills me. Now we have three cats and a dog. And we wouldn't be taking Travis' truck since it only gets 10-18 mpg. Which means the family zoo would all be in one vehicle. PLUS, I really, really, really want to have this barbecue for Travis on Sunday. We just spent a small fortune on perishable food. I would hate for that all to go to waste. Here's hoping!

Note: 1) Title was stolen from the movie Idiocracy. Don't see it. 2) Arrow idea was stolen from Rachel.

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