Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Randomness

For having nothing planned for the weekend, Travis and I had a surprisingly full schedule. Travis spent all day Friday wakeboarding with a friend of his. He came home looking pretty fried. We attempted a photo with my phone. He looks shiny because he had just lathered on aloe gel. I stood next to him for comparison.

Saturday was another day with nothing planned. My arm was even more sore, if that is possible. I was tired and didn't want to do much. We slept in until 8 and then I sat on my butt the majority of the day. I tried to watch a movie called Once, but turned it off 15 minutes in and sent it back to Blockbuster. I just couldn't get into it. Then I ended up watching Charlie Wilson's War all the way through, while Travis surfed the web. That one was pretty good.

In the afternoon I tidied up the house and prepared for company. A few friends came over for a dinner of stir fry, rice and egg rolls. We sat around for a while and then piled in the car together to go see a movie (wow, I guess it was the day of movies). We saw Pineapple Express and it was SO FUNNY. It's about a bunch of pot heads trying to escape a crazed drug lord because one of them witnessed a murder. I think I only stopped laughing for about 15 minutes in the entire film. Good ab workout. Everyone came over afterwards and we all showed off whatever bar tricks we knew. It ended up being a fairly late night.

Sunday was a little different. My arm felt a lot better and I was feeling horribly guilty about not having done anything around the house all weekend. I spent all morning cleaning. I was so busy that I forgot to eat breakfast AND lunch. That's a big deal for me. I usually can't go longer than two hours without eating. I'm thinking it was because I slept in late and then drank coffee. I realized around 1:30pm that I hadn't eaten anything and quickly scarfed down an energy bar. I have an intense fear of fainting.

Sara and JR invited us over to their house that afternoon to grill out and play in the sprinkler with Logan. Travis made our own game of Ladder Golf. It was cheaper than buying the game pre-made. I had a great time considering I thought the whole weekend would be blah.

Logan, playing in the sprinkler

Me, in the shade
Logan, playing in the pool

Hanging out under the tent

Callaway even got in the pool!!!

Playing Ladder Golf

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