Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Hurricane" Party

Well, we are all still here. Edouardo never advanced to hurricane levels. We are still waiting for the last rain band to make landfall. Yesterday, my work let everyone out early and they excused us in advance from working today. Hurricane prep made things a little more hectic. We had to pull all the computers away from the windows and cover all the machines with plastic, in case the sprinklers came on. I even worked up a sweat carrying all the big stuff around. Then, when I got outside to go to my car, the heat was unbearable. My car thermometer said it was 96 degrees out, so I have no idea what the heat index was.

As soon as I left work, I called a few friends and found out that most everyone had today off too, including Travis. That meant Hurricane Party time!! I stopped at the liquor store to get the booze to make SoCo Hurricanes, plus some beer to supplement the evening. When I got home, I turned up the fan on the fridge and freezer and turned the AC to cooler. Then I went around and closed the shutters on all the windows. The house felt like a bunker. A bunch of people came over throughout the night. Ariel even stopped by for a few hours with fruit skewers for the Hurricanes. My camera is still in the shop, so please excuse the blurry photos.

Three Man
Everyone that came brought along beer, so the fridge was fully stocked right up until the end of the night. Most of the group moved over to JR and Sara's house around 4 in the morning. I can NOT BELIEVE we stayed up so late.

I woke up at 11 this morning. That has got to be the latest I have slept in for years. I was irritated to find the stench of stale beer in the air when I got into the kitchen. The first thing I did was clean up all the trash and wipe down the counters. I still need to mop. That is a horrible smell first thing in the morning. With a hangover. I was surprised (despite with the way I feel) to find we drank EVERYTHING. 1.75 liters for Southern Comfort, 750 mL of Jager, and who knows how many cases of beer. ALL GONE. Needless to say, everyone is feeling a little crummy this morning.
Oh, and check it out - Captain Morgan stopped by (or maybe it was just Chris...):

Well, I'm going to go lay down. I need to take full advantage of having today off from work.

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