Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fantastical Timing

Oh what a loooong day. I was very busy at work all of yesterday morning and then had to rush out and attempt to take care of something for myself. And it was stressful. Bad stressful. After that, Travis and I went grocery shopping and brought that home. On the way home, Ariel sent me a text inviting us down to the bar she works at. She said the drinks would be on her. That sounded like the best idea I had heard all day. So we planned to make dinner, then head to bar. I was in the middle of scooping chili out of a can for our chili dogs, when SLICE. I swear the lid of the can carved right into the bone at the base of my pointer finger. And it would not. Stop. Bleeding.

My first thought was, wow, now all the botulism in this meat is spreading through my body. Keep in mind I was about to eat this stuff. I guess it just felt really wrong to have meat smeared into a wound. Am I getting too graphic here? Sorry. Well, Travis ran for the band-aids while I held the cut under running water. The first band-aid didn't last long. It quickly bled through, so I got out the gauze and tape. As I was stifling the bleeding, my phone rang. I wasn't doing anything except sitting there, really, so I answered it. It was Shannon and she and Chris wanted to treat us out to dinner! With margaritas! I told her I was in the middle of something, but I would call her right back. Once I had wrapped that sucker up tight, I called her back and seeing as the meal I had planned already had an ominous feeling, I said YES. Perhaps a little too energetically. Ariel told us to take a rain check and come down tonight. We'll probably take her up on that offer.

We met them at a taquería for dinner and margaritas. It was fantastic. Travis and I had a dreary evening planned for the two of us, and Shannon and Chris lifted us right out of there. They came over afterwards and we had a few beers. JR and Sara stopped by for a little while and we listened a little to this Dane Cook CD I got for Christmas (frickin hilarious) and everyone went home by 10:30 pm.

It was a good finish to my crappy day. I'm getting ready to head into work again. Hopefully I'll get out of there pretty quick because I have a lot of cleaning I would like to do around the house. Travis is doing a side job at lunch time, which gives me plenty of distraction-free time to kick ass on the housework. Then, it's back to work in the late afternoon. I can't wait for Sunday. That will be my real "weekend".

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