Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beach Babies

The Saturday after David and Stephanie arrived we had a whole day to play. First we stopped for Vietnamese food and then ran up to the mall to exchange a dress I had bought for Wednesday. It turns out she already had that one (matches the hat she's wearing in the first photo below)! It's okay though because we found another one that is super cute (brown with multi-color polka dots) with matching Bear Bottom tights. Travis bought himself a couple hats and then we headed to Target. We needed to find Wednesday a swimsuit for her first trip to the beach. After running the errands, we stopped at the house to change into beachwear. Chris and Alexa were already planning to take Blair to the beach, so it was perfect timing! Wednesday and Blair had their first beach experience together.

Bikini clad baby

Daddy covered her with sand and she was so enthralled with it. We were waiting for her to put it in her mouth, but that moment, thankfully, never came.

Blair and Wednesday meet. On the beach!

I don't know what it is, but there is just something extra sexy about my husband holding a baby. ; )

Post-beach bath for Wedders

It was a nice, laid back day to catch up with David and Stephanie and the life of Wednesday. I wish we had more time like this. And we may have more soon! They are coming back to town this weekend because David will be making a stop at one of his business locations near here. AND THEN they are suppose to come back on the weekend of the 20th for David's birthday. Weehoo! It's the month of Davwedanie!

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