Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mountain Fresh

No time to do any serious blogging this morning - hopefully tonight though. It was a busy weekend! In the meantime...

I walked out to the garage this morning to throw in another load of laundry, only to find that the washer had shaken the liquid detergent off onto the floor. Which, in turn, resulted in a lake of laundry detergent filling our garage. Bad news is there is a horrible sticky residue that Travis and I have to figure out how to remove (it flowed under the washer and dryer making it difficult to just hose out). Good news is the horrible stench of stale beer that filled the garage yesterday from a few wild games of beer pong has now been replaced by a pleasant mountain fresh scent.


Cleaning up that laundry detergent was a miserable, painstaking process. Here's the mess:

Here are the soap suds created only from washing off the few items that were sitting in the soap:

First, Travis scraped up as much of the detergent as possible with a shovel and we wiped up a little more with paper towels:

Second, Travis mopped up the dried spots (basically to just get it wet):

Third and lastly, we spent 30 minutes spraying the soap out the open garage doors with a hose and sweeping as much of the soapy water out as possible. The entire garage floor is now covered in a white film. Well, that took care of the spilled beer... I guess...

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Alexa said...

I swear I am starting to live to read your 'morning routine' stories, they are the best....its like 'Nikki's Folies'. I need to be more cognizant of these things that happen to me so I can share as well, LOL.