Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday David!

We celebrated David's birthday yesterday, even though it is today. Since we plan to leave early tomorrow morning to go back home, we decided it would be better not to party the night before. =)

Stephanie, Ariel and I ran to the next town over and grabbed party supplies and a few gifts. Stephanie wanted to go with the same-number-candles-as-his-age route. I'm thinking we're getting to the point where this is borderline dangerous. I'm surprised the smoke detectors did not go off!! We snuck in a few trick candles, but only one of them worked. It was entertaining at least.

Stephanie made chili for dinner and we watched a couple movies. For dessert we had chocolate cake. During a break in the first movie, we had planned an attack on David. Earlier in the day, everyone filled up grenade balloons with water and then strategically placed them behind the vehicles. Stephanie coaxed David outside while we all waited with grenades in hand and Spiderman masks in place. I'm pretty sure the construction workers at the next house over think we are some crazy crackers.

When David came out, we all got him good. Don't worry, we left him one air-filled balloon for his defense. Ariel was an a-hole and got me with one, but I thought it was Travis and Robert, so I started throwing in their direction. Didn't find out until later that it was Ariel. I was ecstatic to find a balloon in the driveway that never popped so I got her back.

After movies we played some more Mario Kart on the Wii. Love that game. Although I'm not very good after imbibing a few drinks. Good times.

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