Monday, September 1, 2008

Party Photos

Travis' party was a blast! We went through 35 burgers, 16 hot dogs, 165 Jell-O shots and a keg of Bud Light. Thankfully, the mosquitoes were never much of a problem. It was REALLY hot and there was NO wind during the day. Shannon and Chris brought over some fans to set up and help out with that irritation. I really shouldn't be complaining though because we were lucky enough to avoid Hurricane Gustav. This party had by far the largest baby-child population than any I have thrown before. It was pretty wild. I made chocolate-peanut butter brownies, complete with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups on top for the birthday "cake". Travis made out like a bandit in the gift department. Everyone got him t-shirts! Lol! Just what he wanted!

Wednesday wore her new polka dot dress.

Shannon gave Stephanie a break from taking care of Wednesday. (Look at how cute Shannon's new hair cut is!)

Travis' co-worker, Jeremy, came to the party with his wife and daughter. Addison was so cute - she kept wanting me to hold her!

Alexa and Blair made their own breeze in the hammock.

Nadya and Alexey (both from Russia) came to the party too. I used to work with Nadya.

Chris W., enjoying a burger under the tent...

Kai and Melinda ate burgers as they watched a game of Ladder Golf.

Chef Chris ate while he slaved away at the firey pits.

Aaaaannnnddd, Travis did a beer stand. Yup.

Chris poured the beer for a Kai and Seth's game of Beer Pong.

Melinda and Jenna were worthy pong opponents.

Ariel and I!

My co-worker Rachel and her boyfriend Scott toughed out the heat.

Sara stopped by before heading off to work at the end of the night.

Da Boyz: JR, Travis, Logan, David and Callaway

I think the birthday boy may have enjoyed his party. =)

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Alexa said...

We had so much fun!!! Thanks for having us!