Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blair and Wednesday

Saturday was a lazy day. We were all a little hungover from staying out so late the night before. Travis originally thought he had to work all day, but they ended up letting everyone off at 3:30pm. The rest of us sat on our butts and watched TV and a movie (Singles). David took a nap at some point. Wednesday took several.

We made plans for that evening to go up to Chris and Alexa's. The boys all went wake boarding on Chris' boat and the ladies hung out while the babies played together. I have to tell you that was the sweetest thing I've ever seen! Blair is two months Wednesday's junior, but they got along very well. Blair is just beginning to sit up so they were able to interact easily. It was funny because Blair would get distracted by a toy, but then notice Wednesday again. She was so interested in him and I think they each really liked the other ones clothes.

Blair looks totally taken aback by this small child invading his space.

Again, put into a trance by the red-eye reducing light on my camera. Wednesday had just finished her baby biscuit, hence the food face.

Wednesday has just learned how to give kisses (which actually consists of open mouth touching your cheek). She was attempting to give Blair a kiss, but she was too far away to reach. When Stephanie scooted her closer I'm pretty sure Blair was saying, "Look Wednesday, you're cute and all, but I just don't think this age difference is going to work out for us."

After playtime, we went to the lake for dinner at a bar and restaurant that serves the best wood stove pizza in the area (according to us anyways). I sat in the back of Alexa's car with the kiddos. It is amazing how quickly babies quiet down with a car ride. I need to remember that...

The guys took the boat directly to the restaurant. They were running a little late, so we helped ourselves to some "pizza chips", or as Papa John's calls it, "cheesy bread". Delicious. Wednesday looked smashing in my sunglasses. Don't you think?

Before our plates came, Kai headed off for the night, which meant there was an open seat in the boat. Stephanie wanted to experience life on the lake, so she went home in the boat with the boys. Alexa and I took the babies back to her house. Wednesday and I played while Blair got a bath. They both really seemed to enjoy a Baby Einstein video that Alexa put in (another item I need to bank in my memory). Stephanie had a relaxing ride back with the guys. That area is so beautiful - the houses are huge on the water! I remember how amazed I was the first time I went out there in Kai's boat.

We were all exhausted still from staying up late the night before, so we went straight home after everyone got back and the boat was in the garage. I think my head hit the pillow at 10:42pm and I didn't wake up until 9 the next morning. It was some much needed rest. I just can't keep going like I used to. And I'm only 26!

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