Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wriggling Feeling

SO. I just wanted to throw this up really quick because it is totally blogworthy. I was just taking a break with Rachel and we were sharing the trail mix that I had brought in for this week. We take turns bringing in a batch and the one we were nibbling on happened to be the remnants of last week's bag. Rachel was telling some very entertaining story when all of a sudden she stops, stands up and says, "don't eat your trail mix" as she's walking over to the trash holding her hand under her mouth like her food is about to fall out. The two Russians we occasionally break with, and I, instinctively looked at the pile of trail mix that was on the table in front of where Rachel was sitting. AND THERE WAS A LITTLE WHITE GRUB WORM INCHING ITS WAY ACROSS THE PAPER TOWEL!!! A WORM!!! IN OUR FOOD!!! THAT I HAD JUST FINISHED EATING!!!

Ugh, I feel nauseous.

We both immediately downed what was left of our drinks. We contemplated drinking disinfectant from our lab, but decided the result would be worse than what we would face otherwise. Unfortunately, I downed my coffee. So now I'm trying to decide if it is the caffeine upsetting my stomach or the sneaking feeling that I have a million little worms squirming around in my belly.

We still can't remember what story Rachel was telling.

Ugh, I still feel nauseous...

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Sara's Satire said...

just caught up on yesterday and todays blog...the babies are so adorable. I am about to leave for work (payday yea!) Hopefully I wont be diasappointed in the paycheck. I guess you will have to start watching your food from now on...ewwww. My sister did that in like second grade, she ate a Butterfinger that had worms in it, and to this day wont touch a butterfinger!