Thursday, September 18, 2008

Out with the Bad, In with the Good

So what have we been doing all week? Well, basically, trying to not think about what's going on back home. We've definitely had our moments where we all sit in front of the computer to view photos on some news website or that a friend sent me via email.

When Ariel and Robert got in on Monday, we decided to take a walk up to the prairie dog park. Yup - PRAIRIE DOG PARK. WITH PRAIRIE DOGS. It was awesome. I think they were all pissed we were there because the closest ones wouldn't stop screaming at us. Then Stephanie pegged one of them with a cracker. It was totally by accident, but it was pretty hilarious. It was a nice walk too. The weather here is amazing. It is warm enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt, but there is a nice cool breeze that prevents you from sweating your ass off. I love it.

Tuesday has probably been the funniest day so far. Stephanie already had plans to visit her step-mom north of Dallas, so she left by noon. Right after she left, we headed to Lubbock. David had some work to do and we needed to go to Best Buy. Travis and I were pissed to find that none of our warranties cover physical damage on the laptop. The screen got crushed in the evacuation process and now the back light doesn't work. Our warranty does cover that, but even if the back light was fixed, the gigantic crack across the LCD screen would hinder our view. And that's NOT covered under the warranty. When Travis bought the computer, they told us that everything was covered under the extra coverage we got, except for spills. Well, we didn't spill anything, so this should be covered. We are going to try the store he bought it at back home before we flip out too much.

After that let down, David dropped us off at Mr. Gatti's to kill time while he ran off to do his work. That place cracks me up. It's basically a pizza, pasta and salad buffet with an arcade room and TV's in a couple different rooms. After we stuffed our faces, we headed into the arcade. Since money is tight, we didn't get any tokens. Instead, Ariel and I walked around and looked for any games that would let us play for free. We entertained ourselves with almost an hour of free play on the Dance Dance Revolution game. It was HILARIOUS. I don't know how people play the harder levels. I'm pretty sure they are impossible. Ariel and I were just trying to step as fast as we could, but we couldn't stop laughing. We wish we were like these guys:

After all the gaming, we collected our tickets and splurged on two sets of vampire teeth, two popping toys and two pieces of candy. Rock on.

We convinced David to break out his Dance Dance Revolution on the Xbox. We switched between that, Mario Kart on the Wii and Guitar Hero. We were total gaming dorks all night.

Wednesday we just vegged out all day, playing video games and eating. I tried to stay up with everyone to watch Pan's Labyrinth. I've seen it already and I think I'm not really up for the negativity right now because it was really bothering me. I went to bed about an hour into the movie.

The week seems to be going by smoothly enough. I'm excited about going home this weekend, but then again I dread what it will be like. Power? No power? What will Ariel and Robert do for jobs? JR was nice enough to go over to our house yesterday and clean out the fridge. That means we'll have a little less time with the stinky air out period. Time keeps on tickin'.

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Alexa said...

I want to see that Prarie dog park SO fun.