Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike Update #5

Here are some the photos I have taken of this situation. I haven't had a chance to go through and orient them yet, but at least you can view them. Believe it or not I have about 150 more I have yet to get up. Our laptop broke, so we have to go to Best Buy to have them retrieve the hard drive.

We went to our house yesterday and there is no serious damage. Most of our gutters blew off and a shutter blew off. Nothing we can't handle. The water coming out of the faucet smells like sewage and there was still no power. We decided to properly evacuate to northwest Texas where there is electricity and gas and grocery stores. We plan to stay here until either power comes back on at our house or one of us gets called back to work. Since I work ON Galveston Island, it may be awhile for me. No idea on when Travis will get called back to work. Depends on when the plant gets power again I guess. Our neighbor from across the street, Cowboy Willy, has gone back home and said he will call us when power returns.

For those of you who know me and my friends well, here is an update on them:

We went to Shannon and Chris' house too and it doesn't appear to have any serious damage either. Their backyard is still flooded though. They are both still north of Houston, but plan to drive home today to clean out their fridge (kicking myself for not doing that when we were home).

JR, Sara, Logan and Dana all went to their parent's houses.

Jenna has gone back home and she has power now. She has flooding in her first floor and her entire fence is gone. Her husband Seth is stuck working in Galveston right now.

Kai appears to have power on and off at his house. No damage to his home.

Chris and Alexa are still in Colorado, but will be back as soon as the airports open back up. No word on their house yet, but we know there was serious flooding in their area.

Rachel and Scott evacuated to Dallas before the storm. Scott has been called back to help clean up at our work in Galveston. Rachel is debating flying back to Chicago since it will be a long time before she can get to her home.

Travis went to pick up Ariel and Robert from the airport near here. They were in west Texas this whole time and can't fly back into Houston until the airports open back up. Since they live in Galveston, it will be a while before they can get home so they will be staying with us.

I am permanently exhausted. Must eat. Then maybe I will get back here when I have a clear mind.

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Da Momma said...

hi nicki, it's Rachel's mom. I am glad to read that you survived this mess .... and managed to keep your sense of humor. I think that is lovely. My vote goes to Rachel coming home! 1 vote for chicago. Oh and I am glad you have moved somewhere with power and food. That is good news. I love the updates and hope that the time until we can all put this behind us is shorter than we think. Take care and be safe.