Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Post-Worm Trauma

On the way home from work yesterday I decided to stop by the gas station. I like to be prepared for possible hurricane evacuations. I pull out onto the main street behind a police truck. And what do I see? po-LICE written on the back of the truck. I had worms on the brain! Even as I was leaving the gas station (thank you Randall's card for $3.05/gal!) I was quick to notice the bait and tackle stores that line the bay. Ugh! I was finally starting to feel about normal as I pulled into my driveway.

Just in time to check my cabinets for more worms! Sure enough, I found another worm hanging out in the bottom of a bag of chocolate covered peanuts that I bought in bulk from the grocery store. I'm thinking its going to be a little while before I can look at trail mix the same way...

I started this post off today hoping to mention a few things from David and Stephanie's last Sunday in town, but I kept thinking of the worms. Anyhoo, we had another lazy day, lounging around the house. There were pro-football games on TV and Stephanie was craving wings, so the guys grabbed a case of beer and some Wing Stop. Chris was out of town on a flight, so Alexa and Blair came over to hang out too. Stephanie threw some pj's on Wednesday so she could crawl around without getting rug burn, but I think it ended up being more of a hinderance. She was sliding around everywhere. Look at this concentration:

I decided to make a fruit pizza, something that my mom used to make every summer when I was a kid. When we made it for 4th of July, we focused on fruits that were red and blue. Brings back the happy memories of my young childhood. =) The "pizza" was delicious - we at the whole thing in one day! It was so pretty, Alexa recommended taking a photo. Great idea!

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Joselyn said...

Oh, that worm story is terrible! Where are they comming from? I am seriously checking the food in my pantry when I get home...starting with my trail mix!