Thursday, September 18, 2008


After speaking with our parents about the current financial bind we are in, some really great things have surfaced. By financial bind, I mean that Travis hasn't been getting paid for a week and Ariel and Robert are both out of a job until the businesses can rebuild. My dad has offered to electronically wire us some money - which is awesome. My mom was talking to our extended family and her co-workers about our situation and a bunch of them have offered to donate money to the Travis-Nikki-Ariel-Robert Ike Fund. I can't believe it! My Aunt Trish & Uncle Chris and Aunt Pat & Uncle Mat, plus a bunch of people from my mom's work, whom I've never met, have offered up cash to help us through this.

I cannot thank everyone enough!! As soon as things get back to normal, I'll be ordering a few gift baskets online!


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