Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fickle Ike

We are still awaiting the arrival of hurricane Ike. It's at a Category 2 right now and is expected to be a 4 before landfall. Since landfall is somewhere between Houston and Corpus Christi my work has given everyone Friday off. Travis has tomorrow AND Friday off. We are debating if we are ready to evacuate to David and Stephanie's house. I really do not want to evacuate. I don't know if I have emphasized this enough in past posts, but I am serious here. Rita was a disaster and I have no desire to relive that. But that may be our only option. Don't get me wrong, not having to go to work and partying with friends is always a blast. The expense is what gets us. Travis and I are having a "family meeting" tonight to decide what to do.

Either way we are going to the grocery store to pick up supplies. We probably have enough canned goods and water to last us 2 weeks without power, but it feels wrong to not be panicking with the masses. Our gas tanks are already topped off. Tomorrow we are prepping the lab for the hurricane.

Here's what the monster looks like right now. It is the same size as the fricking Gulf of Mexico. Awesome.

Here we go again!

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Sara's Satire said...

JR and I had our "family meeting" tonight as well and decided that we aren't going to make the decision until tomorrow...needless to say, I am watching closely, I dont really want to evacuate, but I cant go without electricity especialyy with Logan..I guess we could fill up the ice chest for Logans milk! Anyway I am going to check the update at 1 befoer I leave for work and then again when I get home and I guess we will go from there...This sure would be a lot easier if the could have just told us where this thing was going from the beginning! But financially, I feel your pain!