Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Update #3

No rain yet - just severe wind gusts. We've seen a few areas we know that have some serious flooding. Our old apartment, Ariel's current apartment, a restaurant we go to all the time, a restaurant our friends go to for breakfast. JR just ran to the store and he witnessed three transformers blowing. We heard them from the house. The power is out on the next street over now. I expect the power will go soon, so this may be my last post until after the storm. AH!

The dogs are hanging out outside for now, before the rain starts. You can see the landlord came by and boarded up all the windows at Jacen's house.

We all decided to do shots each time a newscaster says "hunker down". LOL!

You can sort of get a feel for what's going on here now. It's very exciting. The cicadas are going NUTS.

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