Thursday, September 11, 2008


Travis gave into my pleading and we "evacuated"!! I put quotations around that because we only made it into Houston, which I believe has a mandatory evacuation in itself. We are staying at the house of a friend of a friend. We've met him before and Travis was seemed slightly more satisfied with the idea of going an hour away as opposed to the 8 hours to David and Stephanie's (even though we'd LOVE to visit them). We made the decision to come up this morning when it looked imminent that we should be directly in the path of the hurricane. I had to go into work this morning, so I got there early. I did what I needed to and then we covered all our equipment up with plastic.

When I got home, we loaded up the vehicles and Chris and Alexa dropped off their dog, Godiva. Alexa and Blair are going to fly with Chris to Aspen, Colorado (he's a pilot) until Sunday. For the most part, the drive here was not that bad. Of course, we didn't really go all that far. Travis and I drove separately so we could bring the generator we borrowed from Chris and Alexa and then all the food we bought to survive this storm. We are expecting the power to go out and we will still have hurricane-force winds here. According to the news, it should be down to a Category 1 by the time it reaches Houston. We found out that Sara and JR (our neighbors) may be evacuating to just a few streets down from where we are!

Here are all the people who were on the road with us.

These signs line the interstate and give pertinent information to whatever is going on in our area. Stuff like, elderly disappeared in a gold 4-door car; suspected child kidnapper spotted in a red pickup truck; OR:

Really? We hadn't noticed.

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