Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Being Called Home

Travis got a call from work yesterday. He is an electrician, but it was the maintenance crew that asked if he could come in. They need help putting things back in order at the plant so they can start back up as soon as the power is restored. I cannot properly express how much stress was lifted from my shoulders with this call. Money will still be tight, between evacuation costs and having to completely restock a fridge, but at least we have paychecks in sight. Since it was not an immediate call back, we have decided to wait until this weekend to drive back home. We don't have electricity or running water yet, so it would be difficult to live there still. Our friend Jenna has offered up her house whenever we do return since she periodically has electricity.

Rachel told me that it will be a minimum of two weeks before our employer re-evaluates the situation to decide when non-essential employees can come back to work. I know that the power went off in the building I work in, so we should have quite the recovery period.

This all equates to at least one week when we get back of NOTHING FOR NIKKI TO DO. I will have to clean out the fridge, but that's about the bulk of it. Maybe I can find some relief work...


Alexa said...

Miss have no idea how comforting it is that you have godiva safe, i totally owe you big time.

Alexa said...

FYI....I have some 'relief work' for you if you are really interested, lol.